Thursday, 16 April 2015

Pulse Balancing - Methodology

Prevention is better than cure:

World Health Organization defines Health as “not a mere absence of diseases”. It is a state of Physical, Mental and Social Well being.
Pulse Balancing helps to balance the five elements in the body to achieve the above.
Basis of all creations, living and non living including Human body is made up of five elements “Pancha Boodham” (Fire, Earth, Air, Water and Wood). Our Health mainly lies in balancing these five elements.  Our Universe is made up of five elements. Our Siddhars have already talked about this “Andathil Ulladhey Pindathil Ulladhu”.

The universe (Macrocosm) and we humans (Microcosm) are all made up of ‘Pancha Boothas’. Universal energy flows into the human body and travels through certain inconceivable paths known as meridians. These meridians carrying the universal energy are not rigid pathways thus there is a large possibility of the energies getting mixed up, which in turn creates a block. When energy doesn't flow properly to any one of the five elements, VIZ., Fire, Earth, Air, Water and Wood, the energy gets blocked and this leads to a disease in the human body.

This imbalance reflects in our pulse or “naadis”. The ‘naadi’ is diagonised and a single needle is administered to the energy centre, the block gets cleared and the corresponding organ gets rejuvenated. This is known as pulse balancing. 

Balancing of Five Elements is done through a Single Needle.

Methodology of Treatment:

Only a mother can take care of a child. Universe is our mother (Macrocosm) and we are her children (Microcosm). The diseases can be cured only through universal energy. The patient has to come on an empty stomach. The pulse is checked and based on that a single needle is pierced at the corresponding point. The needle transmits energy. It removes the blockage and allows the energy to flow freely. 
A Single needle is used even if the patients have more than one disease and the diseases are cured simultaneously. There are no side effects in this treatment. Not only diseases even there are changes in the characteristic (Mind). 

Pulse Balancing provides general fitness for mind & body. Immunity levels are increased.
Hence to have a disease free life, one has to clear the blockages regularly for the flow of energies. It’s like cleaning our house on a regular basis. By doing so, one can stay healthy.

The writer of this blog is Dr. L Umaa Venkatesh, a renowned Pulse Balancing specialist. Through her relentless efforts and path breaking research in pulse balancing she has proved that one can achieve health, wealth and success through this holistic treatment method.

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