Tuesday, 31 March 2015


Benefits of Pulse Balancing

1)    Our body is made from the ‘Pancha Boothas’. Balancing the ‘Pancha Boothas’ in our body brings about holistic cure; cure for Mind, Body and Soul at the same time. This method known as ‘Pulse Balancing’ is based on a research oriented advanced ‘Single Needle’ Acupuncture technique. It is absolutely pain-free and has no side effects. No medicines need to be taken.

2)    Why diseases occur? When there is an imbalance in any one of the 5 elements, disease or a disorder sets in a human body. Researchers have identified that there are totally 4448 diseases / disorders that plague a human body. By administering a single needle all of 4448 diseases can be cured permanently.

a)    Imbalances in Fire Element – Heart and Small Intestine related diseases
b)    Imbalances in Earth Element – Stomach and Spleen related diseases
c)     Imbalances in Air Element – Lungs and Large Intestine related diseases
d)    Imbalances in Water Element – Kidney and Urinary Bladder related diseases
e)    Imbalances in Wood Element – Liver, Gall Bladder related diseases

3)    In popular treatment methods there is no permanent cure for Chronic diseases such as Diabetes, Kidney Failure, BP, Heart Problems, Arthritis, Sinusitis, Asthma, Depression, Menstrual Disorders, Impotency, Infertility etc. Through Pulse Balancing all Chronic Diseases are treated permanently and the patients can get back to their routine life within a short period of time.

4)    Pulse Balancing is a sure cure for infertility. After diagnosing the naadi, the couple is treated and within a short time imbalances are set right and they can give birth to children.

5)    Terror Free Society.. People’s character and personality are also defined by the kind of imbalances in their body. Research outlines that when perfectly balanced through Pulse Balancing, it is possible for even a terrorist to develop into calm, non-violent and socially responsible citizen.
When this treatment is given from infancy children will grow into conscientious individuals.

6)    Even prisoners when given this treatment, become calm and are able to understand the implications of their actions and are able to discern right from wrong. This treatment tries to accomplish what punishment does not achieve.

7)    When the 5 elements are balanced, a person becomes a centre of positivity. All negative thoughts get replaced and it benefits not only that person but those surrounding them for they also start adopting a positive approach to life.

8)    Through ‘Pulse Balancing’, a person can get completely relieved from stress and stress related disorders such as depression.

9)    To become successful in business - Pulse Balancing brings about creativity in a person and enables the person to get new, fresh ideas, become dedicated, focused and result oriented.

10)  It increases concentration and memory power in students. Thereby making them score well in exams.

11)  Teenage girls suffering from menstrual disorders can get cured without medicines within a short span of time.

12)  Prevention is better than cure. When treated from symptoms stage itself, patients are cured faster. Even hereditary diseases are completely cured.

13)  Pulse Balancing is not only for those afflicted with a disease. This treatment helps in providing general fitness for mind & body. Immunity levels are increased.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Health is not merely an absence of disease or infirmity

Health is not merely an absence of disease or infirmity, whereas ironically it is often only realized in its absence. To prevent this, one must keep a constant tab on one's health by paying heed to symptoms that our bodies provide. Increasingly there seems to be a quest for one unique method of treatment that can be the answer to all the health problems human beings face today. Of late there has been an upward trend towards the acceptance of alternative methods of treatment and more specifically acupuncture as the safest bet for curing any disease. It is vital to employ a holistic therapy for a longstanding result. This is where classical single needle system fits the bill for it goes about treating the entire body holistically instead of on a symptomatic level.

Acupuncture Doctor Dr. L. Umaa Venkatesh with over 23 years of rich and varied experience in the field of medicine, has been a beacon of light to the multitude of patients who come to her seeking her expertise.

From time immemorial, acupuncture has often been identified as a strenuous or painful treatment method involving the usage of innumerable needles. Quite contrarily, this is where the doctor scores; for she has adopted the 'classic' single needle treatment method which is absolutely pain free. What sets her apart is that she implements an advanced technique of Acupuncture known as 'Pulse Balancing' through classical single needle system. Herein, the five elements are balanced and through this health is restored. Interestingly, as the doctor puts it, there are about 4448 diseases and all these diseases are an outcome of an energy block within a body. A single needle can cure all of these 4448 varied diseases thereby making pulse balancing the only treatment method that has a cure for sure. The beauty of this treatment is a normal person can regularly balance his pulse Thus he can stay healthy throughout his life and can live a "quality life".

Many people wait until they are suffering from chronic pain to seek help. Pain is only a manifestation of a deeper lying condition and generally it takes longer time to resolve chronic cases.

To contact Dr. L Umaa Venkatesh, call +91 98840 76253/ 76672 76689 or email at pulsebalance@gmail.com She keeps visiting Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Malaysia.